COA MEDIA Announces the 10th Plateau Man of the Year Awards 2024: Celebrating 50 legends Across Diverse Fields

The Plateau Man of the Year Awards is set to honor individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to the society, embodying excellence and leadership in their respective fields.

The 10th edition of this prestigious event seeks to recognize Fifty (50) Legends on the Plateau; individuals and organizations whose dedication and hard work have profoundly impacted Plateau state and beyond.

Join us as we celebrate their achievements across a diverse array of categories, which includes the following;

1. Leadership
Recognizing Individuals and organizations with invaluable leadership abilities which they have reflected in their different fields of operations and has positively contributed to their society, state and nation at large.

2. Politics & Governance:
Acknowledging leaders who have demonstrated total commitment and exemplary leadership in governance and politics through effective administration.

3 Arts & Culture:
This category celebrates artists, fashion designers and cultural advocates who have showcased the rich heritage of Plateau through their creative endeavors.

4. Education:
Recognizing educators, academic leaders and institutions who have who have shown commitment to fostering knowledge and innovation, by impacting the lives of students.

5. Tech:
Highlighting visionaries and innovators in the technology sector, this category applauds those who have introduced groundbreaking technological solutions that drive progress and efficiency.

6. Media:
This award celebrates broadcasters, hosts, and producers who have made significant impact using the power of radio and television, providing insightful, entertaining, and informative content.

7. Sports:
Recognizing sports personalities who have excelled in their disciplines through dedication and commitment.

8. Tourism & Hospitality
The Award on Hospitality and Tourism recognizes exceptional achievements and contributions within the hospitality and tourism industry. This accolade honors businesses, individuals, and organizations that demonstrate excellence in service, innovation, and leadership, significantly enhancing customer experiences and promoting sustainable tourism practices. Recipients of this award are celebrated for setting industry standards and driving growth in one of the world’s most dynamic and impactful sectors of the State’s Economy.

9. Business and Entrepreneurship:
Celebrating entrepreneurs and business leaders who have driven economic growth and innovation through their business ventures.

10. Humanitarian/Philanthropy:
Acknowledges those who have made wholehearted commitment to social causes. This category honors individuals whose philanthropic and humanitarian efforts have made a lasting impact on communities.

11. The Agriculture and Mining:
This prestigious accolade celebrates individuals, organizations, or projects that have demonstrated significant advancements in sustainable practices, technological innovation, and overall impact on the Agricultural and Mining activities in the State. The Award aims to promote best practices and inspire continued excellence in these critical sectors. Award recognizes outstanding contributions and innovations in the fields of agriculture and mining.

12. Peace & Security:
The Award on Peace and Security is a prestigious accolade recognizing outstanding contributions to promotion of Peace and Security. Recipients are acknowledged for their innovative approaches, sustained commitment, and impactful initiatives that foster harmony and mitigate conflicts in our societies.

13. Diaspora Recognition
The Award recognizes individuals living abroad who significantly impact their home state through various forms of support and engagement. These contributions can include economic investments, philanthropic efforts, cultural promotion, and knowledge transfer, all of which foster development and enrich the home State by leveraging their resources, networks, and expertise.

Join Us as we Celebrate Excellence!!

The Plateau Man of the Year Awards, 2024 promises to be an evening of inspiration, recognition, and celebration as we celebrate a decade of making magic on the Plateau and beyond.

Stay tuned, the nomination portal opens in October ending and we would implore that you nominate legendary individuals and organizations for the Awards Categories that will emanate from these critical areas of our development as a People!

Let’s make history together…..