The 6th Plateau Leadership Summit (See Details)


“Overcoming Crisis & Conflict of Identity and Embracing Diversity: Building a More Inclusive Future.” – This topic, emphasizes the importance of Diversity and Inclusivity, in creating an equitable Plateau.

It invites stakeholders to critically explore ways to overcome certain perceived differences among Citizens of the State,by building a shared Vision for the Future, that Includes and Represents all.

There is a need for encompassing conversations, wide range of perspectives with emphasis on synergism for the common goal of re-ensuring a peaceful co-existence within the State.

Scrutinizing particularly, the Identification of some fundamental causes of the misconception in the: socioeconomic, political, cultural, religious and behavioural practices. Identifying points of agreements and disagreements, prioritizing the scope of crisis and conflict, then developing a plan for resolution to aid cohabitation in diversity.

In it’s entirety, It is given that being able to name the problem, is critical to finding solutions to the problem.

Therefore, the discussant’s ability to digest the aforementioned precedents will further explore the different pathways to building social cohesion, enhancing resilience, and fostering peace, through mutual understanding and cooperation, for the achievement of a more conclusive future.