The Plateau Man of the Year Awards (The Plateau Awards) is an annual award reserved for distinguished Plateau persons, who are considered to have blazed the trail in the year under review. The Awards is centrally bordered on appreciating diversity and critically analyzing issues of enduring significance, celebrating distinctive individuals and institutional accomplishments and commitments to diversity and inclusion; as well as emphasize the commitment to fairness and equality.
More importantly, it is for those who have a strong desire to work social change and improve upon leadership in their respective fields of endeavour.
The Plateau Man of the Year Awards, has become the leading vote-based third-party endorsement in the state. The annual poll has become a referendum of some sort on the Plateau on purposeful and impact-oriented leadership in the state.
Regardless of subject, culture, or era, the requisite qualification is the same:
1. Challenge the status quo;
2. Influence the greater number;
3. Affect history.
The Award is to be bestowed on those who exemplify the following traits;
* Leadership,
* Dedication to Service,
* Devotion to ideals of Excellence,
* Broad Impact
VISION: To be a beacon of light to the upcoming generation of emerging leaders, celebrate and encourage Excellence in all fields of endeavours towards Social, Political and Economic Advancement of Plateau State
MISSION: To stimulate a healthy competition amongst various stake holders in the quest to achieve a strong and reliable economic and peaceful state.
To identify, invigorate and assist in the projection of emerging leaders of plateau extraction, giving them global recognition and relevance.
* To reward excellence
* Promote entrepreneurship
* Promote investment
* Providing a dynamic platform for enhancing talents.
* Creating an avenue for value preservation.
The call for nomination is the first step in a multi-phased process, which is then followed by the voting process and ultimately the screening. Senior experts drawn from public and private organization and leading agencies will judge the awards based on the information provided.
After the nomination process, a shortlist of nominees are selected from results gathered via a Call for nominations, traditionally promoted via paid online and offline campaigns across the State and Nigeria.
It is to be noted that the organization is not responsible for nomination and does not have contact with nominees until screening process is over.
All shortlisted entries will be discussed at a panel session, representative surveys carried out and the winners decided. The screening process formed the basis for emergence of the winners.
COA Media has for the past years of organizing the awards maintained the culture of inclusion, fairness and transparency in determining who gets what in its award series.
This we have done by consistently advertising each category and calling for public nominations without specifically mentioning any individual. Nominees were to be informed of their nomination by persons who sent in their nominations. After the e-nomination process by the general public, series of verifications and endorsements are collected through survey research using well tested and reliable instruments before unveiling our top candidates for the final voting stage.
To emerge winner in any of the category the nominee is weighed based on the following:
1). Online Voting 40%
2). Research and Assessment 60%
COA Media does not approach nominees during the voting process. Nominees are contacted after voting research and assessment and found worthy to be announced winner.